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An Apocalypse of Adolescence: Beyond the End of Utena

Nothing like the pealing of bells to signal a duel in Utena, but I somehow associate these with the ending of the world itself. There are quite a few shows that can be effortlessly read from the perspective of breaking … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: It Takes an Otaku (Onani Master Kurosawa Chapter 25)

This would’ve been a usual scene in Onani Master Kurosawa. What’s different here is Nagaoka (dude with the afro and the thick eyebrows) is for some reason having trouble asking Kurosawa to stretch with him. Also, this is different (for … Continue reading

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Feel Good Story FEELS SO GOOD (Onani Master Kurosawa)

A post made out of fappery and whim. So here I am, obsessing about the concept of GAR, thinking on how exploratory and analytical posts on the subject matter (that I’ve done, at least) can be viewed as intellectual masturbation. … Continue reading

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