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A Loving Portrayal of The Hater: AKB0048 Episode 06

[AKB0048 Episode 05] Orine, who proclaimed that she intended to succeed Sachiko, becomes the target of hate mail – an interesting dynamic previously unexplored in idol anime that I’ve seen. While I know there were attacks on Ranka’s website, catty … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari 10: NOT FILLER, It’s Ghostbuster on Ghostbuster Violence! WHO’S THE REAL GHOSTBUSTER? WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?

[Nisemonogatari 09] Yay. I’m fully aware that this is the kind of episode that would’ve gotten me quite excited about this show months ago, never mind the incest smut [LOLOLOL IT DOESN’T COUNT BECAUSE TSUKIHI IS NOT HIS REAL SISTER]. … Continue reading

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Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

I didn’t expect to be writing about this show this often, and so soon since my last post on it. This is even made more remarkable because I thought I had just read the best insight on Tiger and Bunny. … Continue reading

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An Overarching Methodology Behind Anime and Manga Appreciation: a Reflection

I feel younger every day. Seriously. I turned 32 half a year ago, but I feel like a fan a quarter my age. When I was 8 years old, the first run of SDF-Macross was still showing on local TV, … Continue reading

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The Recency Bias and How it Affects Anime Appreciation

[Pic somehow related] I just finished watching a lot of shows in the past 2 months, as well as read a lot of manga. I look at my recent archives and see how much samurai anime and manga I’ve bee … Continue reading

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