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We End Up Watching More Anime, Here’s How

Two weekends ago I noted that I had watched over 100 days worth of anime. Granted that I rewatch shows habitually, this still means that I’ve completed over 150 shows, much of it over a year’s time. I have gone … Continue reading

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What We Buy When We Declare a Show a Favorite: An Image to Sell or, How Anime Fans Create Themselves As Brands in a Social Market; a Theoretical Speculation by ghostlightning; Told in the First of Possibly More than One Blog-Post

[This is not a post about merchandise]. It’s easy to understand why we try out new shows. New season, new shows, we check out the ones we think we’ll like and those we feel will be fun to discuss. In … Continue reading

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Anime is Culture, Culture is Love: What the Prophet Might Say About Watching Anime

In this post I talk about spoilers, and how important they are to my survival as an anime fan. A few days ago, ghostlightning went totally out of character and started saying weird things over twitter: ghostlightning gives up love … Continue reading

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Fanboy Fuel

What does this mean to you? Have a closer look:

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Weaboo vs. Japanese: two worlds collide

This post concerns my curiosity about the beingness of an otaku. I’ve comfortably referred to myself as such over the past 4 years, ever since I went nuts over Evangelion. I realize that I’ve never really gotten how extreme this … Continue reading

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