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Space – Anime’s True Frontier

Space; anime’s true frontier. These are the episodes where true creative genius can thrive. To boldly let plot and character go where no man or woman has gone before.

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End of Year Special: the Legacy Edition (all the old stuff I made new this year)

This year has been a unique one for me when it comes to the world of anime.  Usually there would be no need for me to have a legacy edition of a end-of-year blog post.  Hell, I didn’t even have … Continue reading

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Moments of 2010 in Anime & Manga: The Stuff From Another Time (Other Years)

It’s that time of the year again, and throughout the month I’ll publish specific moments from anime and manga from this year’s offerings. In this post however, I put together an unordered list of moments from the shows and comics … Continue reading

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The Easiest Job in the World: Planetes

This is not a review. A friend and contemporary in anime blogging gave me the task of writing how great Planetes is and gave me three days to do so. I thought at first that this was the easiest job … Continue reading

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The Cancer that is Killing Anime (Characters)

I’m stuck at a particularly awesome episode of Planetes. Part of me doesn’t want to watch beyond this because I’m afraid it doesn’t become as good anymore. It’s happened to me while watching Overman King Gainer, episode 17 is beautiful … Continue reading

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