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What Your Votes in Sai Mecha 2012 Round One Earth Side Say About You

[Vote Here] LET’S GET IT ON! The fight has officially started and I have drawn the sword of truth to point out with righteousness the way to vote in this most awesome of tournaments.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Revolutionary Girl Utena and the Be Papas Diaspora That uh, Revolutionized Anime (From Goldfish Warning, from Evangelion, to FLCL, to Princess Tutu, to Mawaru Penguindrum)

Well, not quite a diaspora and not really a revolution… but the accomplishments of the group of people who eventually made Revolutionary Girl Utena together and then moved on to make other shows awe me. Yes, the kind of awesome … Continue reading

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Tuning My Memory: Rewatching Anime in 2010 featuring RahXephon and the Memory of Evangelion

Rewatching shows is a fundamental part of my anime hobby. The primary reason is to remember the good times, the excitement, the love I experienced watching my favorite shows. Rewatches are a big part of updating my list of favorites. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Big Robots, Love, and Bones (Spoilers are plenty)

The main focus of this piece is love. Love as it is presented in series by studio Bones. Before jumping into pretentious and flashy polemics, let me explain what I mean by love in the context of this piece. I … Continue reading

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