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RideBack and Peak Synchronization: End of Evangelion minus the Tang

The final battle, or I should say Rin’s performance in the finale of RideBack is a virtuous conceit. It’s a conceit because it had completely divorced itself from realism¹ in order to portray what would have been a brutal fight … Continue reading

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Brilliance in Exposition: Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 05

I remember dropping an anime due to poor exposition (Yes To Aru Majutsu no Index, that would be you). I think about how different anime handle this feat:  Xam’d reveals its world and context carefully and with mystery in a … Continue reading

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A Decultard Look On Current Anime – Episode 0

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RideBack: Art, Politics, and Fanservice

lelangir and ghostlightning GATTAI! RideBack appears to be an intriguing show, a visually pretty juxtaposition of art and politics, with mecha.

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