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The Legacy of Robotech in Macross

Pssst ghostlighting, don’t you have it backwards? Do I, really? Of course, strictly speaking Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospaeda all existed prior to Robotech and it was the work of Carl Macek … Continue reading

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Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross (09-12) Everything is in Place

The pendulum swings wildly in these four episodes, both in terms of mood and of production quality. SDFM has always had major problems with character designs going off-model (something that happens in TV editions all the way to Macross Frontier … Continue reading

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Old News: Robotech Sucks; News: Not-Robotech is Awesome (Even if it’s Still Called Robotech)

My first experience of Macross, unlike most western fans, isn’t Robotech. Instead, it was a pre-Robotech dub of SDF Macross, also by Harmony Gold called Super Space Fortress Macross it was so long ago (1984) that I’ve forgotten most things … Continue reading

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100th Post: The Super Dimensional Journey of Love Remembered

It still feels like I’m starting out, but 100 posts does seem like a lot. We Remember Love has been around for five months now and I’m very happy with the f support, contribution, commentary, and interest that we’ve gotten … Continue reading

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The Arousal of a Mecha-Fetish: A Closet Otaku’s Story

Greetings! I crawl out of the hell that is everyday life to being you my memories of love. Some of you who regularly consume this blog will note that I have yet to introduce myself properly. I am a 26 … Continue reading

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