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The Ascent into Hell: Infinite Ryvius & School Days (yeah you heard me)

Last year I watched the remarkably interesting School Days and one of the best comments I’ve read is how it can be characterized as a “descent into hell.” What kind of hell? School Days is a remarkably constructed world of … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Anime and Manga (Part II)

[Part I] In the previous issue I introduced my concept of watching shows and reading manga for particular purposes, which I find personally more useful than categorizing them in genre lists. Those lists are still useful for award-giving purposes, genre … Continue reading

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Is This Boat as Nice as I Imagine it? Reflections on School Days

My recent post on School Days is less about the show itself but rather a reaction to Ito Makoto. The resulting discussion from that post however, not only covers the perspectives on the show overall, but is also some of … Continue reading

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The Comeuppance of a Coward: Ito Makoto and School Days

[While there is no discussion of aquatic vessels in this post, spoilers are in these waters] Watching School Days was awful. It’s not one of those shows that is gripping despite the cringe-inducing events being narrated. I thought Kaiji was … Continue reading

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