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Cutting Through a Forest of Swords: a Survey of Swordplay Anime

[This post has no spoilers, pic somewhat related] As I’ve said recently, one thing that interests me almost as much as mecha anime is samurai anime. If there are swordfights, I’m somehow interested. In this post I’m going to give … Continue reading

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My Additional Tanabata Wishes for Suzumiya Haruhi Season Two

I’m no hardcore Haruhiist, but I am a fan and I’m quite happy to have seen the new episode. It was quite interesting and had a number of good moments. I’ve seen the original series at least twice (in different … Continue reading

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Ashura Cryin’ — The Villain Has Many Faces (Baron Ashura sure showed a bit of character this time)

Baron Ashura has always been something like a buttmonkey to me, though more like the ineffectual enemy who always gets foiled by the hero. I think one of the triumphs (yes, I think it’s already a triumph) of Shin Mazinger … Continue reading

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Souten Kouro and GAR Rhetoric: Them Fighting Words

[Insignificant spoilers for episode ONE, I wouldn’t worry about it]. In a recent post I discussed the spectacle of GAR, using Sengoku Basara as the example. Had I seen Souten Kouro then, I would’ve certainly included it in the discussion. … Continue reading

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Bankrupt (Sengoku) Basara: Can the Well of GAR Run Dry?

When we consume media, a discourse occurs between the information we recieve and what we know/remember from what we’ve consumed in the past. We actively seek out patterns, checking it with instances where we’ve seen similar things. We make statements … Continue reading

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