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Nisemonogatari 07 is Everything I Love and Loathe About This Franchise

[Nisemonogatari 06] This episode crammed half a season’s worth of content in it. It felt long, it felt meaty. At 20 or so minutes it’s neither longer or shorter than any episode before it, but it’s time to wrap things … Continue reading

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There are Dark Places in the World, a Home For Ghosts: Bakemonogatari Finally (Finale)

In the end, what I take away is a story of friends and friendship. Senjougahara represented romantic love, and while all the other girls (Hanekawa, Oshino Shinobu, Hachikuji, Kanbaru, Sengoku)  flirted with us (yes, we viewers) in creating a harem … Continue reading

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Authenticity, How Beatiful You Are (Bakemonogatari 12)

I find that the most striking epiphanies involve people coming clean. Senjougahara presented herself as one deep riddle, every time one feels that he reaches the bottom of the well of her character, there’s still more to her. She reveals … Continue reading

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The Disappearance of Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari 09)

Something bothers me a bit when a piece gets too clever for its own good. Where the hell is Senjougahara? Why is Araragi spending so much time with other girls? So much so that Hanekawa can admonish him for it … Continue reading

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The Inauthenticity of Senjougahararagi: Bakemonogatari 08 (Suruga Monkey Arc Ends, Senjougahara Steals Show Again)

Bakemonogatari is the kind of show that makes me liveblog. Instead of spamming melative and twitter, I went directly to my draft of this post. I went to this method because there’s so much going on — an illusion of … Continue reading

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