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Power To The Dream! AKB0048 Episode 01

WHY? After much consideration (and wholly ignoring this stupid poll), I conclude that I am a fan of Kawamori Shoji. It doesn’t mean that I like anything he does by default – as even with Macross I have a deep-seated resentment … Continue reading

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The Sighs of Kawamori Shouji: Macross Frontier 10

Self-reference is a frontier that the Macross franchise is always exploring. The very idea of “remembering love” is a core concept within it, and is something that I’ve taken as an ideology of appreciation. Subesequent installments in the franchise pay … Continue reading

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The False Farewell: Macross Frontier 06 (Bye Bye Sheryl)

She doesn’t get to leave this episode, but delivers a farewell concert. I’ve mentioned in my post on episode two (Hard Chase) that what the Macross Franchise does very well is to stage musical set-pieces. By this I mean there … Continue reading

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Balsamic Vinegar: Having fun with my new mobile phone

I think Tsukasa’s misadventures with her mobile phone mildly annoyed (okay maybe thoroughly annoyed) some viewers, but for some it was one the things that makes Lucky Star special. My mobile carrier has a loyalty program that gives me a … Continue reading

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