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When Fighting Isn’t Combat: Banagher Links Continues to Evangelize From The Cockpit While The Rest of The Show Provides The Actual Action (The Second of Three Posts on Mobile Suit Unicorn 05)

I’ve covered similar ground before, but I feel this bears renewed discussion. By the second episode, I was thrilled by Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn because I felt it did mobile suit combat as well as it possibly could get, and … Continue reading

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Why Gundam Fans Should Vote For The VF-1 Variable Fighter in Sai Mecha (and Other Voting Truths in the Sai Mecha Quarterfinals)

I’LL BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is an amazing show. I don’t just mean how it functions as a refrain for the entire mythology of Gundam. I actually mean how it’s superlative as a real robot … Continue reading

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