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Frontier of Hot-Bloodedness: It ISN’T Manly (DUN DUN DUN)

Anime and Manga have been for me, a wealth of gratuitous displays of manliness. Before I get sucked into gender politics discussion, I disclose that I am male and revel in gratuitous displays of manliness for whatever reason you probably … Continue reading

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Hatsukoi Limited is Where all the Males are Limited

I’ve grown rather fond of Hatsukoi Limited. It feels every bit the generic junior/high school hijinks romance comedy with some dramatic elements. What sets it apart for me is the gorgeous character designs by J. C. Staff, that to me, … Continue reading

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A Decultard Look On Current Anime – Episode 0

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Revenge at the core of love: Skip Beat impressions

I think there may be such a thing as a reverse tsundere show, much the same way as there’s a reverse harem. I’m no expert on harem and shoujo. I’m not an expert. Nonetheless I theorize that the root of … Continue reading

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