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Kino no Tabi 12: Unanswered Questions, & the Sky Crawlers

I wish I did things like this earlier. Kino’s introspections with Hermes read like emotive tumblr posts. More than the events depicted in the remarkable second episode, the events she witnesses and experiences in Veldelval makes her unsure, about everything.

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An Apocalypse of Adolescence: Beyond the End of Utena

Nothing like the pealing of bells to signal a duel in Utena, but I somehow associate these with the ending of the world itself. There are quite a few shows that can be effortlessly read from the perspective of breaking … Continue reading

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Sky Crawlers: Heaven (Valhalla) on Earth

[This post will spoil you. Watch The Sky Crawlers first, (I recommend it!) then read this post] Humans cannot deal with perfection, in this case, peace. Just as the copper-tops, the living batteries that power the mechanized dystopia of The … Continue reading

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