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There’s Nothing I Can Do For a Dead Woman, Cowboy Bebop 25-26 “The Real Folk Blues”

[Cowboy Bebop 24 “Hard Luck Woman”] Let’s start with the women, and by now it’s just women because Ed left the stage in the previous session. I always enjoyed the narrative contrivance that let Faye run into Julia first. Faye … Continue reading

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Hard Luck Man: Cowboy Bebop 24 “Hard Luck Woman”

[Cowboy Bebop 23 “Brain Scratch”] In  some ways, I think this episode is the finale and “The Real Folk Blues” two-parter is but a denouement. At the very least, the idea of “Cowboys on the Bebop” ends here. This is … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop ep 06 “Sympathy for The Devil” and The Episode as a Jam Session

[Episode 05] Reading various opinions on the Cowboy Bebop, I often find complaints and other statements of dissatisfaction regarding the episodes of the show that don’t directly relate to the overarching narrative of the characters (and Spike’s in particular). The … Continue reading

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That Which Made “Ballad of Fallen Angels” Beyond Mere Tribute: Cowboy Bebop Episode 05

I won’t spend time here to break down what I think is exemplary presentation of the next, and what would apparently be the main villain – if one so chooses to read Cowboy Bebop as Spike Spiegel’s story. Suffice to … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop 04 “Gateway Shuffle”

[Episode 03 “Honky Tonk Woman”] First let us pay attention to the assassination scene. This scene needed to several things well: Depict Jet and Spike tracking down a bounty competently, if not impressively. Depict the bounty as an unsavory character, … Continue reading

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