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I Never Got To Take You To The Beach (The Fine Art of Character Death in Mecha Anime)

[This is a guest post by r042 from the awesome Ideas Without End blog. It should be obvious that this essay is riddled with dead bodies (read: spoilers). You’ve been warned!] Killing off a character for dramatic purposes is a … Continue reading

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Gundam 00 – What You Leave Behind

Gundam 00’s Counterttack Call me Siskel to ghostlightning’s Ebert but I greatly enjoyed this movie and only searching for the time to write about it has kept me from making this post.  It’s been almost 4 years now since the … Continue reading

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RideBack and Peak Synchronization: End of Evangelion minus the Tang

The final battle, or I should say Rin’s performance in the finale of RideBack is a virtuous conceit. It’s a conceit because it had completely divorced itself from realism¹ in order to portray what would have been a brutal fight … Continue reading

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Tattooed on my mind: Kamina, Moments in Anime 2008

Hello, this is asher langley, I too remember love. I’m supposedly the princess of tennis (LOL!).  I play tennis with ghostlightning and mechafetish, as well as watch anime marathons with them whenever my work and/or my superego are not looking.  … Continue reading

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Anime is Culture, Culture is Love: What the Prophet Might Say About Watching Anime

In this post I talk about spoilers, and how important they are to my survival as an anime fan. A few days ago, ghostlightning went totally out of character and started saying weird things over twitter: ghostlightning gives up love … Continue reading

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