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Apprivoise! You are forever responsible for what you have tamed: The Little Prince and Star Driver.

Allow me to introduce to you a guest writer: the lovelier half of The Untold Story of and Vega anime blog, AJtheFourth. Along with her real-life partner and fellow anime fan vucub caquix, she’s written involved essays on the currently … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL is like Star Driver for Real Boys

[NO SPOILERS] It takes a certain maturity to appreciate (not uh, ‘ironically’ make fun of) the effeminate male antics of Star Driver with its flashy costumes, flamboyant movements, and androgynous character designs. This is only worth mentioning in this conversation … Continue reading

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The 10 Best Robot Anime Fights of 2010

I introduce today’s special guest writer for this special post: schneider of the Continuing World blog, here today for his advanced robot-fu (yes, his power levels are much higher than my own) to celebrate what has been quite a great … Continue reading

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Star Driver is Awesome and I’m Going to Keep Watching It

Within 48 hours of the airing of the first episode I come across a bevy of disapproving or skeptical opinions on it, even from writers I like, respect, and/or enjoy reading (there are distinctions, you see but this guy fits … Continue reading

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