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Tiger and Bunny is an Anime for Old Men that Kids Should Definitely Watch

It’s novel for anime, a spin on the Captain Amazing character from the Mystery Men (1999) film. I don’t love that film, though I found it novel and funny in places. So, there’s no nostalgia for me here. That said, … Continue reading

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Why EVERYONE is Wrong About Gundam & Robot Anime in General

Except myself, that is. Gundam (and robot anime in general) is a weekly (more or less) 30-minute toy commercial. Well, it is, and it isn’t. Or, it’s not a very good one. Or, Bandai sucks at making 30-minute toy commercials. … Continue reading

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Stop the Hate: Kyoto Animation x Sunrise

Digitalboy should be the blogger to ask when it comes to studio histories, and information on particular directors. Here on We Remember Love I present an amateur’s take on how to heal the dysfunction between fans of anime and the … Continue reading

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