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Reflections on the Power of Inspiration (Hot-Bloodedness): Scale and Skill

As much as I dislike tumblr, I am also addicted to it. There is something about this raw consumption of images; they are barely filtered, editorialized, and commented on. Often they are regurgitated by bloggers many times over, each one … Continue reading

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Robot Anime Discourse: Wine, Injury, & Crucifixion

In my earliest conversations with people who saw Neon Genesis Evangelion, I remember hearing people talking about mindfucks, mind-rape, and what not. It was as if that Eva introduced a specific kind of weirdness to anime and that these viewers … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Robots, not mecha, ROBOTS!

[This post will have many references, and no spoilers]. I’ve taken time to pause from my obsession with mecha anime typology (super robot vs. real robot) to consider robots in anime… the non-galactic-busting, turn you into a God or a … Continue reading

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Kicking Reason to the Curb with SONG

Macross Frontier is to real robot anime as Gurren Lagann is to super robot anime.

I will qualify this. This is less a comparison of the hyperbolic extremes the tropes of the respective genres are taken by the creators, less also about the respective places of each series as cultural landmarks. This is more of a reading of the comparative fantastic elements of the series and how they each figured in the narrative. Continue reading

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