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Monkeying Around in Tokyo Hotel Rooms: Bakemogatari Style

I went on a Plamo run in Tokyo, the ‘wackiest’ city in Asia. I know this because I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga. I also read a lot of related blogs written by people … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Girl Utena: A Diary of the Akio Car Arc Lived

I am writing this after a long day, and I needed to let a few things out of me. I took a shit and a shower and it didn’t quite do it. I needed something more. I felt like I … Continue reading

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Finding the Self in Selfless Love

I enjoy writing about characters, and I’ m always looking for ways to do it differently. Here’s a post format I started doing in Oi Hayaku, where I get to engage the subject characters myself.

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OH! My Goddess: Evildandy

Come to think about it, we need human enemies. Human enemies with human motivations still work best as antagonists because we, being humans, understand them. Grace, being a cyborg as well as a ‘trinity’ of sentience not unlike the Judeo-Christian God concept, is inhuman enough to be easily vilified. Continue reading

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The Choices of Commander Rossiu

There’s this thing in storytelling called the problem of evil. Why is it a problem? It’s nearly impossible to have a good narrative without it. It is a convenient color in the spectrum of conflict. Continue reading

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