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Macross Frontier as Mecha Anime—The 7th of 6 Posts on The Wings of Farewell

I wrote a series of 6 posts on the final Macross Frontier film and realized too late that I had said nothing about it as robot anime. Sure, the Macross franchise is built on love stories set against the backdrop … Continue reading

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Sheryl Nome is The Most Awesome Woman in Anime—The Sixth of Six Posts on Macross Frontier The Wings of Goodbye

It’s not even close. Don’t even start with gimmick-goddesses like Haruhi and Madoka. Just don’t. This isn’t Saimoé, this isn’t Saiwoman. It’s no tournament. It’s unnecessary and redundant. Utena Tenjou, Takaya Noriko, L’alc Melk Mal, Beneej Spoor, Lafiel Abriel, Talho … Continue reading

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The Top 3 ASDFGHJK Moments of Macross Frontier The Wings of Goodbye

We (the founders of We Remember Love) watched the culmination of the Macross Frontier saga together and in grand fashion: using an office board room and a high-end projector. It is only fitting, as the Macross Frontier sub-franchise is, and … Continue reading

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