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Heroism and the Corporation: Tiger & Bunny, Sacred SeveN & Dai-Guard (& Patlabor)

Two shows just completed: Tiger & Bunny, and Sacred SeveN – Sunrise Studio’s contributions to the hero sub-genre of anime. Both finales are let-downs, this is my sentiment. Overall however, both shows were both interesting and entertaining viewings over the … Continue reading

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Kotetsu Must Die: Tiger & Bunny 24

But he won’t. He won’t die because this show isn’t committed to heartbreak. It’s committed to good-natured fun. But he must die, because it would make for incredible awesomeness. I heard rumors that there’s a second season that’s green-lit. That’s … Continue reading

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Moral Authenticity & The Hero (Tiger & Bunny 16)

It’s too early to be any conclusive, but I find it impossible not to talk about this episode of Tiger & Bunny. I’ve started rewatching it from the first episode, having convinced my wife who is a comic book hero … Continue reading

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Diary of An Anime Marathon: From Miyazaki to Tomino and A Few Others in Between (Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, Sacred 7, Beelzebub)

Recently I’ve gone through a very busy spell which involved a less than ideal work schedule that persists to this month. I’ve also played host to an otaku exchange student 21stcenturydigitalboy who stayed at my house for a month here … Continue reading

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