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I Looked Around the Internet to Find Lists & Recommendations for Anime Love Stories and Found the Lists Quite Useless; So I Made My Own (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

I don’t know, maybe it’s because a lot of the people making these lists (or voting in these lists) know little about actual romance (or it may just be that I completely suck at research) . But then again, love … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: Do We Really Want Time Skips in Real Life? Toradora! Finale

I must say I’m a big fan of time skips. I love how Turn A Gundam used it in its epilogue, showing Loran with longer hair that somehow sold the image of his ‘maturing.’ I am thrilled at how Tengen … Continue reading

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Hatsukoi Limited is Where all the Males are Limited

I’ve grown rather fond of Hatsukoi Limited. It feels every bit the generic junior/high school hijinks romance comedy with some dramatic elements. What sets it apart for me is the gorgeous character designs by J. C. Staff, that to me, … Continue reading

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These Mothers are Showing a Bit of Character: Happy Mothers’ Day!

There’s really a ‘We’ in We Remember Love, beyond the guest posts of bloggers you may already know of, this blog is a family and friends operation and for special occasions like today we all come together. Today we remember … Continue reading

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Anime for the Whole Family?!? Toradora!

Toradora! did something unexpected: it became wholesome family entertainment. Yes, watching anime with the family is possible, even if many or most watch (or prefer to watch) anime by themselves. I remember watching My Neighbor Totoro, and Millenium Actress – … Continue reading

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