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Robot Fighting, a Retrospective: From Brawling to Mass Destruction and Back

I’ve recently started watching Tetsujin 28 Go (2004), an incredible TV anime done with the same spirit and gravitas as was the OVA Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1991), both by Yasuhiro Imagawa based on Yokohama Mitsuteru’s … Continue reading

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Robot Anime Discourse: Wine, Injury, & Crucifixion

In my earliest conversations with people who saw Neon Genesis Evangelion, I remember hearing people talking about mindfucks, mind-rape, and what not. It was as if that Eva introduced a specific kind of weirdness to anime and that these viewers … Continue reading

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Only in the Philippines: a national love affair with a combining super robot

I’m going to go out on a limb here. Voltes V is not known outside of Japan, Italy, Cuba, maybe Iran and here in the Philippines. But here is one really long post that I submit not because I want … Continue reading

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The making of an otaku: the ten shows that (de)cultured this specimen

The vanity press that publishes this blog gives me the freedom to post lists that are relevant only to myself. That said, in the spirit of transparency of biases that inform my reading methodology I present this list of anime … Continue reading

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