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Tiger & Bunny 06 Did Real Robot Anime Better Than Most in a Short Sequence

We’re fond of our categories, genres, and divisions as arbitrary as they sometimes get (perhaps because it is so that we like them so much). Thus we make distinctions between super robot shows and real robot shows, which leads me … Continue reading

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Sai Mecha Round 2 Voters Guide: BURN IN HELL WITH OBAMA, HITLER, AND STALIN by ghostlightning SPQR

Over the course of this tournament I have discovered the remarkable range of perversion, bad sense, and full retardation of people who watch anime with robots in them. I find myself rather alone, unique, special in that I actually vote … Continue reading

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS: VOTOMS Finder (of the Rebellion) is GRIMDARK LITE and is Kind of Good

Even if only because of the wild enthusiasm for VOTOMS and its ATM-09-S Scopedog in the ongoing Sai Mecha tournament I’d watch this show, despite being lukewarm to the original Armored Trooper VOTOMS (I’m 32 episodes in) and becoming not … Continue reading

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VOTOMS: Case; Irvine (of the Rebellion) Kind of Sucks

For what it’s worth I think VOTOMS: Case; Irvine is a pretty accessible show that provides a fast-paced robot spectacle and lightweight grimdark melodrama. Database animals can tick off their boxes from their checklists (worldly temptress girl with big boobs, … Continue reading

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