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Thoughts on Big Robots, Love, and Bones (Spoilers are plenty)

The main focus of this piece is love. Love as it is presented in series by studio Bones. Before jumping into pretentious and flashy polemics, let me explain what I mean by love in the context of this piece. I … Continue reading

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Eureka SeveN Gives Me a Big Moment to Remember Love By

[Spoiler Alert! Eureka SeveN episode 26, Xam’d ep 19, the Macross ones are negligible] I’ve been warned, and people can say they told me so. Well yeah, you told me so. Eureka SeveN is awesome. Every so often it will … Continue reading

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These Mothers are Showing a Bit of Character: Happy Mothers’ Day!

There’s really a ‘We’ in We Remember Love, beyond the guest posts of bloggers you may already know of, this blog is a family and friends operation and for special occasions like today we all come together. Today we remember … Continue reading

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Xam’d Finale: Not Perfect, I Loved it, and How it Could’ve Been Much Worse

It took me a longer time to finish Xam’d, but I’m glad I watched it in batches. When I was watching it at a one episode a week pace it was too easy for me to lose touch with the … Continue reading

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Brilliance in Exposition: Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 05

I remember dropping an anime due to poor exposition (Yes To Aru Majutsu no Index, that would be you). I think about how different anime handle this feat:  Xam’d reveals its world and context carefully and with mystery in a … Continue reading

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