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Holland Novak Shows Bits of Characters: Remembering Love for Awesomeness

[Some spoilers up to episode 33 of Eureka SeveN, and a whole bunch of spoilers from Gundam’s Universal Century timeline (Mobile Suit Gundam & Mobile Suite Zeta Gundam)]. As of this writing I find myself impressed to a ridiculous degree … Continue reading

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Bankrupt (Sengoku) Basara: Can the Well of GAR Run Dry?

When we consume media, a discourse occurs between the information we recieve and what we know/remember from what we’ve consumed in the past. We actively seek out patterns, checking it with instances where we’ve seen similar things. We make statements … Continue reading

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Every time you make a typo, someone in Zeta Gundam gets smacked

In Gundam, ‘war sucks,’ ¹ only we can’t have enough of watching more of it. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the darkest of the shows in the franchise that I’ve seen so far. I’ve seen the compilation movies a year ago … Continue reading

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