Secret Santa 2010: My One-Night Stand with Baccano!

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_21.08_[2010.11.18_19.23.03]
is that dangerously attractive woman (since I like women) in the club that circumstance brought her in such close proximity that I had to make a pass at her. Everybody’s looking at us, then mostly me… the lucky dog. Those who are well-meaning anticipate the goodness that will come from this opportunity fortune has given me. Those who are not, I won’t even imagine.

So, we flirt. She isn’t easy to figure out and I don’t pretend I do. All I know is that I am very attracted. I have a few drinks, and she seems to be so many things at once, all of them cool. So I ask her, “What’s your story?”

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_20.20_[2010.11.18_19.22.09]
And this is where I get lost. I get lost in this supernatural period narrative with lots of guns, fisticuffs, knives, explosions, monsters, and a train. Try as I might I can’t remember all the names thrown at me, of robbers that involuntary make people around them happy, a fetching homunculus, immortals, and murderers on a train.

Am I complaining? Not really. I just keep nodding my head. She doesn’t seem to notice that my nodding just matches the beat of the brass band blaring awesomely in the club. Or maybe she doesn’t care. She’s found her entertainment for the night and she doesn’t need me to understand her. Knowing I want her is enough.

“So let’s get out of here, I said.” She says nothing, but grabs hold of my arm just above the elbow, and says, I need to go to the ladies room. “No problem, I said.” But she doesn’t let me go, and heads upstairs. “They let me use a different room here.”


We head upstairs and the bouncers’ faces don’t move, expressions also half-hidden by dark glasses. Whatever. We pass through some curtains and I’m lead to this powder room… where I get slammed against the wall.

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_19.54_[2010.11.18_19.21.32]
This is where it gets really awesome, or goes horribly wrong.

I feel a hard strike up my gut. I have enough alcohol in me to dull the pain but also enough to rob me of all my balance. I feel myself falling forward, but I don’t. Instead I get shoved back into the wall.

I feel thrown elbows thrown at the side of my arms, upward knee strikes at the side of my legs. More shoving. I’m too surprised to scream, but I don’t know if I really wanted to if I could.

I’m bleeding.

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_17.29_[2010.11.18_19.19.18]Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2010.11.18_19.20.06]
There’s a knife between my ribs.

And she’s crying. She doesn’t mean to hurt me she says. This is all a big mistake she says. She embraces me, presses up to me. Kisses the side of my neck. I let out a moan. She moans louder.

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_21.58_[2010.11.18_19.23.51]

I use my chance.

I remove the knife from my left side. I can still moan. My lungs are intact.

I plunge the knife into her bowels and up, as far up as I can.

I see her fall backwards, the knife handle protruding from her throat.

I step on her neck and make my way out.

“I accept this tremendous love of yours.” She says.

Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_11.12_[2010.11.18_19.16.34]Baccano! Ep. 10.mkv_snapshot_18.07_[2010.11.18_19.20.41]
I figure out that she shouldn’t be able to talk at this point, and banish the voice I hear into my drunken voices in my head file.

“Now, for you to accept my love.” She says.

I turn around, and see her rising from her knees, blood flowing back from the floor and back into her body.

…Oh what the hell.

I’m whistling on my way home, a happy thing while the tune is a cloud of smoke billowing from my lips.

I don’t really understand what was that all about in the club, but I know I won’t bringing that one home.

Maybe a better question is: “Who’s next on Baccano?”

This post is part of the Secret Santa project. Thanks to Reverse Thieves blog for letting me participate this year, and thanks to whoever suggested this show to me. I don’t think it’ll be a lifelong love, but it’s a pretty wild fling.

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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22 Responses to Secret Santa 2010: My One-Night Stand with Baccano!

  1. Sorrow-kun says:

    You don’t make love with Baccano!. You strap yourself in and feel the Gs.

  2. I was gonna say at first that your experience with the show was a lot like the experience that the narrator/narrated-to in the novel has. Then it got weird.

    But yeah, from the novels, I get the sense that Baccano very much is a beautiful cool woman who tells her story without a care in the world whether you have any idea what she’s talking about. She smiles at your confusion.

  3. Shance says:

    I don’t know if my gut can still stomach random, sudden scenes depicting wanton violence.

  4. otou-san says:

    Haven’t made it too far into this, but I’m a sucker for violence what can I say (extremist), and what I have seen was really intriguing. I think I might feel similarly to you about this dangerous hottie.

    • I find it difficult to imagine that you won’t have a great time with this one, but whether it’s something that you end up being a big fan of is another matter. I personally can’t not enjoy myself watching this, but I never did develop a strong affinity with it. It’s a great spectacle and it drips with style; it even got some good heart, but to me it steel feels lightweight, though nothing regrettably so.

  5. Wow. That was a bit unexpected but fun. I am curious how many people are going to do something other than straight reviews for Secret Santa. I love straight reviews for the project but innovative entries like this are a good addition to the mix as well. Especially if anyone reads all 60 participants.

    Hope that you do something like this next year as well.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it.

      I am not the person to write straight reviews, and never have been. I’d be more than happy to do something like this again for the show I get to pick in next year’s Secret Santa. Thanks for letting me take part of this!

  6. chii says:

    This is one of the most bizarre awesome things I have ever read XD

  7. KrimzonStriker says:

    Poor, poor ghost, I can fully sympathize and understand the feeling, and your words put it better then I probably ever could.

    But you know what, one of these days I’m going to go back to that room, because the mystery of not knowing what exactly happened that night will continue to eat away at me years down the road. So I’ll return to that saloon one day and dance that dance one more time, in order to see how it all ends once and for all, whether it be hers or mine, but an end there must be.

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  9. ariannasterling says:

    I haven’t watched the series yet, so that was somewhat baffling and yet completely awesome at the same time.

  10. Salinea says:

    That fanfic that you wrote, it is hot ❤ I'm going to ship Ghostlightning/Baccano! (with knives) from now on :^p

  11. Hana says:

    Haha ghosty, that was awesome! Having heard so many good things about this show and having enjoyed Drrr!! so much earlier in 2010, I’d been meaning to watch Baccano! for ages. So when I saw this post shortly after you published it, I decided finally to marathon the show a couple of days ago and then read your post…

    In short, even though I’m not quite sure I ‘got it’ all either (going to rewatch again sometime, with the dub this time as I’ve since heard that, surprisingly, it’s just as good as the original in this case), but it was such an entertaining and thrilling ride! Loved the intricate, edge-of-the-seat storytelling style the most, was suitably freaked out by how gruesome it was (but it totally worked), and the characters and humour were great.

    Thanks for the very entertaining and inspiring read! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the generous words!

      I didn’t think I could go for much discussion on this show since I understood very little and I just wanted to communicate the dark charm of it in the most entertaining way possible. I’ve done somewhat similar posts over the years and I’ll link you to them if you’re interested (maybe over twitter or IM).

      • Hana says:

        No worries, they were much deserved. And thanks, that would be great (always interested in learnig about and experimenting with other blogging styles), in which case yep, twitter or IM are both fine. Thanks again! 😀

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