Someone’s Showing A Bit Of Character: Roy Mustang


Though Full Metal Alchemist has an entire cast of endearing characters and my personal favourite of the lot is Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang is probably the most popular in the show (at the very least for the fangirls) and with good reason.

Except for a few (key) moments in the show, Mustang is always the calm, cool, collected type. Emphasis on cool. When not constrained by his superiors, he goes about everything in a completely non-chalant manner; many are envious of his ability to pick up women without so much as a second look. He also has the uncanny ability so few possess of inspiring and gaining comrades who are willing to follow and even die for him. Hughes himself said he was going to push Mustang to the top (i.e Fuhrer) because he believed in him and thought he could change the way the war-mongering country of Amestris worked. As Fuhrer rather than thinking “kill them all and see what happens”, he’d be the man standing for truth, justice and the mini-skirt way.


Then there’s unique and deadly fighting style. You’d think that fighting by clicking your fingers wouldn’t be considered the most manly weapon in battle, yet Mustang easily shows himself as a force to be reckoned with. Though perhaps that’s more to do with the fact he can burn you to a crisp in the space of 5 seconds. Unless it’s raining. In which case he’s useless.


Although Mustang occasionally disobeys military orders for the sake of his comrades, he’s an example of someone working within the military to aspire to a greater goal. He’s constantly biting his tongue and adopting his actions to suit the needs of corrupt superiors and his ambition to pierce the heavens get to a position where he doesn’t need to bullshit half the time to save people is definitely admirable. He’s been to the frontlines of war and seen the horror (as well as done some quite unsavoury things himself), but rather than slowly become a sick f*cker like Kimbley or a heartless asshole like Basque Gran, he retains his humanity (with a little help from Hughes) and decides  on a path to power for the good of others.

Mustang’s treatment of the Elric brothers (and specifically Ed)  is always entertaining to watch. Though Ed sees him as an irritation and a hindrance (at leat throughout most of the series) we realise that no matter how hard he may be on them like a true mentor he always has their best interests at heart.


Roy Mustang’s not just awesome because he’s fangirl bait. His actions, ambitions and attitude just make it impossible not to respect the guy.

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9 Responses to Someone’s Showing A Bit Of Character: Roy Mustang

  1. *halfway down the page realized this wasn’t gl*

    Roy Mustang is certainly awesome. I’ve always thought the cool types were… well, cool, because that’s the kind of person I like to think of myself as and strive to be. He’s a pretty badass dude and has that ambition that I always respect. Kind of like a certain person who wanted to take over the anime blogosphere…..

    Anywhos, nice post all though


    makes me weep.

  2. Kiri says:

    Agreed, definitely, and I’m also with you that my favorite of the lot would still be Hughes. I’m really interested in seeing how he’ll be treated in this newest incarnation of FMA…

  3. Sorrow-kun says:

    Thank you for reminding me how awesome this character was. Not just Roy, but almost the entire cast of FMA was great. Remember a time when shounen action anime had great characters and well-woven narratives? These days its all Index-this and plot twists-that.

  4. @Sorrow-kun – Maybe you should watch Soul Eater?

  5. ghostlightning says:

    I have the dvd but I’ve never been motivated to watch it. The character design also doesn’t attract me. What is a good comparison anime? How does this rank among the other shonen titles?

  6. gl are you talking about FMA? or Soul Eater? Both of them are best compared to other Bones shows like Eureka Seven since they all have that ‘Bones’ air to them. Other than that I’d compare FMA to… Evangelion? OH! LAst Exile! Any of those should be a decent comparison. Soul Eater is more like a shounen action show, but more badass.

  7. Turambar says:

    Hey now, water just makes Mustang even more awesome. It’s just a bunch of oxygen and hydrogen after all.

  8. omisyth says:

    Found out that posts didn’t show up on AnimeNano if there were any F-bombs in there, so I censored. Hit whore I guess. Then again this isn’t even my blog so…

    It’s Bones, so we can’t be disappointed (I hope).

    Index is shounen?! Damn, I thuoght it was the next Kaiba, with all those words and thingamajigs.

    Digiboy’s pretty much right. It’s definitely one of the best shounens I’ve seen. And one that holds up under 52 eps and is mostly anime original, surprisingly. Then again BONES IS AWESOME et al.

    Hae to go all animu geek on you, but wet gloves means nothing to ignite the air with, so no fire.

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