Sure is One Year War in Here: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 14 (& It Sure is Awesome)

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_15.02_[2012.01.16_04.54.40]

[Gundam AGE 13]

Everything that has run its course has been predictable so far, except finer details with regards to Death Flags – She was less Four Murasame in the end and more Lalah Sune. But truly what I didn’t count on was the boarding maneuver that the Diva is executing.

Let us put aside how it fails to make sense (like the previous episode’s necessity to fire from visual range despite 1) the presence of an advanced targeting system and 2) the effective range is much greater than the distance fired from) – in that the size of the explosion should’ve gutted the whole Ambat asteroid. Well, unless Grodek is some kind of bloodthirsty, xenoocidal, vengeance-freak (yes!) and is fighting a battle of extermination.

He wants his UE massacre. He’s willing to risk sending his crew — who are not infantry soldiers into the Ambat fortress in a boarding maneuver and get them all killed. By all means GO FOR IT! (Don’t forget that kids are watching bro!)

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_16.55_[2012.01.16_04.56.00]

The battle for AMBAT shouts out to both the battles of Solomon and A Baoa Qu near the end of the One Year War in the Universal Century. In both cases it was a siege of an Asteroid fortress, especially for A Baoa Qu. During Solomon it was the fight between the team of Char and Lalah in the Gelgoog and Elmeth respectively (and the debut of funnels/bits) and Amuro in his Gundam. It was the showcase of Newtype powers, and Gundam will never be the same again afterwards.

The awesome things in this episode have to do with the Gundam itself, and I WON’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.  First, when Yurin does the Lalah Sune thing, sure Flit got really, really pissed. But instead of drawing him with thick lines Nagai Go style (or Simon from Gurren Lagann style for you newfags)  they put the emotion in the Gundam itself. Wait what? Emotion, from the Gundam’s masked face?

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.18_[2012.01.16_04.57.34]

Why yes, it’s from the Imagawa school of immovable, but emotive super robot faces:

Tetsujin 28-gou (2004) - 02 - No. 27 Vs. No. 28[MW][BB955E6F].mkv_snapshot_09.04_[2012.01.15_21.06.15]Giant.Robot.01.The Black Attaché Case.[ZUNDRA.&.ELFLUM].mkv_snapshot_10.02_[2012.01.15_21.17.43]

It’s just a matter of dramatic angles that play with the light.

Second, is how the Gundam went through its different modes getting trashed. As I would imagine, going up against two X-Rounders and one of them with flowery funnel attacks will rip off the Gundam’s limbs. Then Flit goes Titus on the UE and holds the figurative drawbridge open for the Diva to breach. Then yes, it too breaks apart. Good thing the Gundam AGE Normal is still good to go.

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.36_[2012.01.16_04.52.32][Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_21.01_[2012.01.16_05.01.23]

Daddy buy me all them toys! ALL YOUR MONEY FOR BANDAI! Oh shit, I’m the dad. Oh well. Let’s spend our money on food.


Bring her home, Char. Bring her home.

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93 Responses to Sure is One Year War in Here: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 14 (& It Sure is Awesome)

  1. Reid says:

    lol and there’s good ol’ Char, with that contemplative, smug look on his face, still being a pedobear. The friggin’ man.

  2. schneider says:

    Marida says the best things. BRB trolling SEED “oldfags”

    I almost thought they were going for the Nicol Amalfi helmet explosion thing, but this wasn’t so bad! Still, Yurin ;_;

    I love the shading on the Gundam’s face when Flit went real mad. That “yer gonna get raped” face is priceless.

  3. Shinmarizu says:

    And this is why Char is so freaking legendary.
    I also really like the idea of a Gundam (mobile suit) being trashed this way; far more realistic than, say, those “other Gundam shows” where they’re practically untouched if they’re piloted by the good guys. It lends to urgency and struggle despite the “superior” reputation these pretty mecha seem to have. Gundam 00 did stuff similar, if I recall.
    All future mecha anime, take note.

    • kevin says:

      only 14 episodes into the show and our main character’s suit is getting completely torn apart! now that’s something new in a gundam serie——wait

      oh yea theres victory gundam. derp. 2 minutes into the show and the main character’s suit gets compleletely trashed

      if i remember correctly gundams in 00 didn’t even get a scratch on them (with their lol anti everything bubbles) until like three episodes before the season ended. and then season 2 went pretty much exactly the same as seed destiny but with out shin the fail.

      yea when age does good, it does FRICKING GODDAM GOOD. but when it fails it fails harder than shin. but the godly bits are more than enough to keep me watching this rather than to throw it straight out of the window like i did to 00.

      re: testunjin 28 style; i saw a flash of crossbone gundams there as well. ❤ my f97s. so much spirit.

      • Shinmarizu says:

        Although Gundam 00 did indeed save the “battle damage” for the last parts in both seasons (as well as the movie, but not as well – the Feds and the whole war of attrition against a superior opponent was what stole it for me), those scenes where I see the main mecha sustain damage, and continue to fight tend to be far more enjoyable for me.
        Good job AGE. For the most part, you seem to be doing this thing right. Directed at youth or not.

        • kevin says:

          soon as i saw the character faces i listed 00 under ‘beyond garbage characters – another seed – AGAIN!’, and that contributed to the instant fan hate of it after me seeing four over fucking powered gundams. again, ITS SEED ALL OVER AGAIN! yea i just finished destiny back then and the taste was PRETEH BAD!

          the feds were dumb and sad excuse. and the fact that it took them an entire season to start doing something was simply what killed the series on the spot for me (for old gundam series, people had the excuse of being old, and even though they were old they still had more plot! wtf!). and then the shouting started, oh lord, i know i don’t believe in you anymore, and you should know this is one of the reason! the plot was also too dam straight forward for me if they are trying to do a mysterious mysterious- human innovation understanding blah blah blah. tbh the whole story would’ve been way more badass if its done through the eyes of fed grunts and absolutely no gundam pilots were reviled for a long long time. If a series is named gundam, then it sure as hell better live up to the title. and everyone knows that innovation of awesomeness is always always welcome, and that grunts that actually knows how to pilot are even more badass than the main characters themselves. CAPTAIN JEGAN! and lets not even get started on how GN particles made supposedly badass space combat ‘more interesting’.

          anyways model kit wise, i loled so hard cuz a damaged exia was enough for them to spawn a limited edition MG kit. hey, question, why didn’t zeta zaku come in its own kit? or maybe bombed sinanju? eh? what about hyakushiki running around with a ship armor plate??? that ship plating was so awesome too!
          what ever, at least 00 had excellent 1/144 kits, although the O gundam itself was a piece of trash that i regret buying =___= and the seven swords 00 was a hectic mess.

        • Charenvoy says:

          Gundams in my point of view have a superior suit in terms of technology, if it’s easily shreded and replaced with the new one then no need to give them to ace pilot, just give them to the grunts they do just fine slaughtered.

    • Char is the best character in all anime for all time.

      Well, to be fair the timing is convenient. The RX-78-2 was gloriously decapitated and that final shot it fired will be remembered for all time.

      If you want mecha getting trashed no matter who piloted them, watch VOTOMS. It doesn’t mean it’s actually good though.

      • kevin says:

        remembered for all times…
        and now…..
        redone! with both zeong and Rx78 being mami tomoe!

        and no, if you want to watch mecha getting randomly trashed you watch Victory gundam. i stopped counting how many legs were destroyed or how many times the super heated plasma sparks damaged the armors of thier suits. Never got to finish it though cuz it got too dark for me (i was suffering from puru deathteam withdrawal). votoms looked…. slow and poorly produced – almost like many episodes of fillers from the 80s gundam line up… when the hell was that thing made?

        Uso was a good kid, and now with the release of Crossbone ghosts, we finally get to figure out what the shit happened!
        a quick recap of what we learned:
        1) we noted that the only reason why Zeong was so fricking big was because at Solomoon, a rookie slapped a gundam faceplate onto a Ball and facerolled six rickdoms with it. the zeons thought feddies had a 40 meter tall gundam (EVA sized..)
        2) in universe, characters noted that the media automatically slaps the name of a gundam onto mobile suits with a V fin and two eyes. Sounds kinda familiar…
        3) in universe again, lead dev of the F99 record breakers commented that the F99s will be equipped with gundam heads when they show it to the feds (aka, us). “that should sell” rings a bell.
        4) heat radiation is badass. pirates are awesome, and useless pilots are a part of life.
        6) Jovians look like UE! 😡 😡 :I :! :> could it be? they use lolis the same too! liek trash!11!
        7) a haroro might be fine too.

  4. kevin says:

    oi my newtype senses tells me that there’s a hidden lolicon joke some where in that review panel.

  5. Reid says:

    I think it’s pretty “intelligent” from the writers’ perspective to have Decil, a young kid, literally use Yurin’s latent X-Rounder powers to amplify his own psychic abilities. Unlike Char, who, it can and has been argued, used his charisma and charm to “seduce” young girls, thereby turning them into tools to carry out his aims in some kind of pseudo-sexual conditioning, Decil’s young age makes his using Yurin to help him fight Flit all the more insidious.

    Think about it: there’s nothing sexual about Decil’s “desire” for Yurin. He absolutely sees her only as an extension of his array of weapons, not even “forcing” her to fight as Char did with Lalah, since he basically chained her down in the cockpit of that horrible…thing. Also Decil, being a profoundly evil little kid, knows that Flit will hesitate to fight back against her (pink? princess-shaped?) mobile suit, which makes her a perfect pawn for him to use in his effort to defeat the Gundam.

    When Char and Lalah went up against Amuro, Lalah was genuinely torn between the man who “seduced” her and the man who she legitimately came to love and she ultimately chose Amuro, despite sacrificing herself to save Char, such was the impact he had on her life (saving her from prostitution, etc.), even though he may or may not have actually valued her as a person the way Amuro clearly did. Nevertheless, Flit’s heart was not really divided between Emily and Yurin (at least that’s how I read the situation – he doesn’t seem to realize how much Emily cared for him, which isn’t helped by the fact that she never came out and told him, though everyone else around them sees right through all the puppy-love blushing and eye-rolling to understand the depth of her feelings for him). Amuro, on the other hand, I think, felt a connection to Lalah that goes beyond normal emotional love or the desire for physical intimacy that he (may have) felt for, variously, Fraw, Sayla, Irma and Chan. This distinction between the two protagonists explains the differences in their reactions: Amuro shut down and Flit took his drive to win to a whole new level.

    Furthermore, this episode draws a distinction between the Decil and other “Gundam” villains who use women to achieve their goals. Char and Paptimus Scirocco immediately come to mind as that kind of antagonist. Decil’s preadolescence removes from him the more “adult” evil of his predecessors; that is, he doesn’t try to sexualy manipulate Yurin, even in the more “innocent” way that Char did with Lalah (I don’t believe for a moment that he intentionally used her as a weapon the same way Decil did Yurin, hence why he was shocked at her death and remained messed up by it until his death) or the more ruthless and cruel way Scirocco did with…well, all of them, but particularly Reccoa Londe. Though Decil doesn’t have the “benefit” of this more “adult” method of controlling this series’ (first?) fated young woman, what he does demonstrate is something possibly worse: pure, unmitigated evil, doled out capriciously as only someone “innocent” can be.

    • Shinmarizu says:

      Brilliant post. Having Decil (Desil?) being young and unaware of sexual circumstances, makes his “pure evil” easier to hate; easier to cheer against. Older, adult antagonists (in both circumstances) tend to complicate things for everyone. Viewers included.

      Sometimes simple is best, I suppose.

      • Reid says:

        I completely agree; simple is almost always the best way. Direct and to-the-point always trumps guile and subterfuge when the dust settles. Be a real man and grasp the reins of history, Flit!

    • Turambar says:

      How does the saying go? There is no one more cruel than a child? Decil definitely plays off this trope, and it both makes his character shallow, but also a good villain.

    • Karry says:

      “Think about it: there’s nothing sexual about Decil’s “desire” for Yurin.”

      Didnt you watch episode 13 ? The kid had constant erection through his pilot suit, it had a special penis-protecting compartment.

      • Reid says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t remember this “little” part. Haha I’ll have to go back and re-watch the episode just to make sure. If this really happened, that’s pretty funny.

    • The removal of the sexual nature of the domination is consistent with this being a kiddy show.

      • Reid says:

        Absolutely. While normally I wouldn’t have pointed out something so obvious, I felt it bore some discussion considering that “Gundam AGE” chose to go with the Char/Lalah/Amuro angle (as was predicted almost from the beginning) in spite of this being a kiddy show. I think having this be a show for kids, which of course will and should de-sexualize most everything, provided the writers with an interesting creative opportunity to expand on the Char/Lalah/Amuro archetype. It’s refreshing to see an example of such unmitigated evil in Decil, though more credit to the show’s creators for making him a little kid rather than a boring, one dimensional adult. Decil is, perhaps, a member of the intented audience’s peer group even more so than the teenaged Flit or the young adult Woolf and certainly more than the grown-up (if completely[?] selfish Capt. Grodek. To have the villain be in the viewer’s peer group is a pretty fresh idea as Gundam shows go, since usually it’s the Gihren Zabi types: outdated modes of thinking consistent with the character’s more advanced age. Decil’s lack of experience in all things makes him a pretty unique antagonist, if even more one-dimensional villain. If nothing else, it conveniently does away with the need for an excuse for the typically one-dimensional nature of most kiddy-show villains.

  6. Mmmmm, I drank the tears of time and they were delicious! Though it was predictable as hell, this episode still did a good job for the most part. I liked Desil as a villain, and rival pilot. You gotta respect a villain who isn’t hung up on chivalry or fair play. He viewed Yurin as garbage to be used by him as he wished. He even showed poor sportmanship in the face of losing his game and probably pissed his pants like a coward during Flit’s counterattack. He did his job well.

    As for Grodek boarding the asteroid… he really is f*cking insane, or the writers just don’t give a f*ck. Now I’m gonna put on a Gundam mask and stare at something angrily, or with sadness, or with pride… I don’t quite know until the mood hits me.

    • I’d like a Gundam AGE 01 mask as well.

      I do think it’s pretty cool to have a little asshole for a villain. Too often we get big bad enemies, or smooth sexy beasts. Here we get a sniveling schoolboy with X-Rounder powers and spoiled with toys. I think he’ll be a rival throughout the show or stay on as a villain in some way. I suppose only Cowboy Bebop has the balls to shoot a kid in the head… and that’s no kiddy show. FUCK! IDEON OF COURSE!

  7. Tenryu says:

    the only thing i like to say is; GETTAAAAR SHIIIIINE!!!!!!

  8. Turambar says:

    Anyone else think that it was a great design choice for the Yurin’s mecha to be physically frozen as well? All through out the fight, only the funnels did anything. The main mecha itself just stood there unable to move at all as the platform it stood on propelled it around. Fucking brutal.

    • Reid says:

      Exactly! Good catch, sir. It really reinforces the notion that Decil was literally just using her as another weapon that he didn’t even need her to pilot a mobile suit badly. He was only interested in getting the extra resonance from her…x-rounder whatevers to use the flower petal-shaped bits.

      Another thing that occurred to me when I watched this episode: those flower bits look an awful lot like the rose bits soon to be used by Angelo Sauper’s oh-so-definitely-not-gay Rosen Zulu in “Unicorn Gundam”.

    • It works because Yurin never did any piloting. I mean the arms dancing around and directing the funnels at first was conceit enough. She wasn’t doing anything except having her X-Rounder powers sucked out of her by Decil.

  9. WhatSht says:

    Putting emotions into the gundam itself, genius.
    Although Gundams may be saviors, they still, have a human heart.

      • kevin says:

        the gundam is a devil.

        any attempts in making them god or angel will get ruthlessly bashed by many many fans.

        • WhatSht says:

          Gundams belong to a world where there is many wars.
          Like how the episode preview from episode 1 of Gundam Seed sums it up.
          “To the land of wars, Come back to life, Gundam!”

        • ZabiLegacy says:

          What about God Gundam? Can I make that a god?

          • kevin says:

            god gundam is the god of war. hearts depression and glory. i think most people approves of this as a exception to the rule and more acceptable than jesus yamato’s strike freedom…. but thats just me you know what the hell they are trying to make everything angels these days and its not cool.

          • WhatSht says:

            I noticed something about Gundams, if they have some sort of wing, be it Nu’s fin funnel cape thingy, 00 Raiser’s 2 weird looking(0 Raiser)wing, Turn A/X’s Moonlight Butterfly, Destiny/the 2 Freedoms/the 2 Justices, God Gundam’s ring of fire, Gundam X/DX’s Solar panels, Wing’s titular gundam, they will be ridiculously strong.

    • Charenvoy says:

      Just make your own super robot series not gundam.

  10. geassed says:

    So this is how Emily
    won eh? By default? Fck that.

  11. CVPhased says:

    That’s vintage Char right there… more concerned about his loli harem than anything else :))

  12. sadakups says:

    I never expected anything less from this episode with Yurin doing a Lalah, except that she was there to ride the funnel-equipped mobile suit, which is rather a devious move by Desil to troll Flit. Except that THAT was the worst move he can do.

    Yeah, that part where the Gundam was glaring at Desil – that was sick. I had goosebumps seeing that alongside Desil’s scared face. I was like “DESIL: WHY U NO LAUGH NOW”

    Still, despite the predictability, seeing how it unfolded is still sad to watch, considering that the dynamic between Flit and Yurin was so much better than Emily’s. I guess given that we still have two generations left, Flit doesn’t get his happy ending yet. He had to be broken in his own timeline to have another reason to fight in the next generation.

    I loved how Flit utilized Sparrow Mode a lot and goddamn, the more I see it in action, I see Exia. Too bad the Titus got a few seconds of screen time yet Flit didn’t care that he was breaking stuff he had to make for years. Now where are those RAGERS I recall calling Flit a wimp prior to the show? Flit is a MAN.

    • Reid says:

      He’s taking his sorrow and turning it into anger.

      • Matt Wells says:

        SIEEEG!!!… Zalam?! Errr, Sieg Euba? Sieg UE? Sieg Federation? Sieg whatever the fuck this is I don’t…

        …This show needs cooler faction names. Though I did like how they made the Degwin Zabi stand in an old timer Yakuza Boss, complete with parroting flunkies.

        Flit is indeed a man if not Da Man, but he’s not done yet. He must fire up his soul, fire up his soul, as he believes in the Sign of Zeta and Stands up to the Victory. He must Don’t Stop, but Carry On, as he struggles to become THE WINNER among so many MEN OF DESTINY. As he Flies in the Sky, he must find the RESOLUTION in his DREAMS to TRUST YOU(rin) FOREVER, and Soldier on past his Sorrow, to new Encounters and Beginnings, hoping to one day see the light. After all, you NEVER GIVE UP FOREVEEERRRR….

        • Reid says:

          Don’t forget how resolutely he Shine(s) In The Storm of his first major battle! How expertly he avoided the pitfalls by acknowledging the spirit of ANIME JA NAI and all that. Soon, it will be time for his son and gradnson to take their TURN (A TURN) at the HOSHI NO TOBIRA to prevent the baddies from BREAKin UP ZA PEAS FOH-REVRER.

    • Yeah man, best moment in the whole show.

      Fuck the haters.

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  14. Shinmaru says:

    Yeah, when I saw that shaded Gundam face I was like, “Oh man, that is one pissed-off Gundam!” I love it, man.

    • Can’t help but think it’s the best moment in AU Gundam so far, unless one counts Shinn falling apart, Athrun goes for the kid sister, Kira in the pink Gundam… etc. But no, those are TERRIBAD shit.

      • Reid says:

        How could this be better than something from G Gundam?! The final death blow against Devil Gundam was too amazing. You know that set your heart on fire with love and justice!

        • But who the fuck lumps G Gundam with the rest of AU. Seriously? Technically it’s part of AU, and sometimes Turn A gets this treatment as well, but really? I wouldn’t lump G Gundam with the likes of SEED and 00 anyway.

          • Reid says:

            Sorry, dude. My bad. I take it back. Honest, mister.

          • kevin says:

            technically X, Turn A, and G are all in universe (on TV) proven to part of UC. X droped a hundred colonies like true zeons, A had zakus and zakus, and more zakus, and G had the entire cast of gundams from the past come back and ride rockets into space to fight … er…
            nvm. i didn’t just say that.
            i’ll be in the corner.

          • ZabiLegacy says:

            I don’t think I would sound like a moron if I were to call Wing a example of AU that isn’t shit. And some of it’s moments such as Duo’s return were quite awesome

          • Well, maybe I’m the moron. Because Wing is obnoxiously shitty. It was murder finishing that stupid show. I’m not spoiling for an argument here. If you want me to elaborate my opinion, I have at least 3 posts in the archives on this show. Maybe 2, not 3.

  15. ces06 says:

    Aw man, I actually felt sad when the series’s death flagged love interest dies this time. Especially when she said she wanted to live…

    Whoah, I’ve never seen a Gundam that angry since G.

    The docking caught me by surprise too. Although I’m more surprised at how, instead of opting to fire the beam gun thing at point blank range, completely blowing the crap out of the asteroid, Grodek freaking Ainoa, who’s probably got a pretty good idea on who the UE are in the first place, decides to storm the fortress for answers along with the entire bridge crew, guns blazing. The guys’s freaking hardcore. Probably won’t end well though…

    Interesting…having Desil as a kid makes him more problematic as a villain in some ways. Maybe it’s easier to hate his actions with their clear, malevolent intent, but it’s harder to hate him instead. Even with all he’s done, he’s just a kid with a twisted sense of everything, which is probably what Flit understood, hence sparing Desil.

    If it’s not mass-produced, we all know how it ends, lol.

    Gonna bet that the kid witnesses Flit killing Yark Dole (or whoever his real name is) and grows up to be the hell-bent on revenge gundam hating antagonist of the second arc.

    Finally, the big reveal in the next episode. I hope it’s not lame and that they don’t reveal too much, just enough.

    • That’s actually an interesting distinction. Often in Gundam the female love interest who dies ranges from wholesale acceptance of death (self-sacrifice), to passive resignation. In this case, Yurin really wanted to live. This makes it a lot more sad I think.

      The INTERESTING thing about Decil and I think it will be proven as part of what makes him a successful villain (should he persist at being one) is that he does become an adult — giving him an entire lifetime of villainy under his belt. He becomes a career villain, which is rare enough in anime with all its heel face turns, etc. His infancy as a villain pretty much ends next episode.

      If Simon was only a kid for half a show and people remember him as a hot-blooded adult, Desil is only a kid for a third of a show.

  16. Zetatrain says:

    Well with just one episode left in this generation I’m eager to see how it wraps up, and how the second generation begins.

  17. Matt Wells says:

    Flit: “At first I was like, ‘Do you think someday people will see time?’ But THEN, I was like ‘ASOBI DE YATTE JA NAI DAYO!!! DISAPEAR FROM THIS WORLD/GO BACK TO THE WOMEN!!!!’

    Joking aside, I really liked this episode. The stuff with Yurin, though about as unexpected as the Sun rising, was genuinely moving. It helps that in this show Flit got to spend two whole weeks with his doomed love interest. Kamille only got an hour with Cinderella Four, and even Amuro only got to watch Lalah running in the rain. Poor Flit had time to make a truly deep emotional connection with Yurin, and without warning she died right in front of him. Made his rage and sorrow a fair bit more believable and meaningful to the audience.

    Given how deriviative this sequence was of Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters, is it right to praise it? There’s a fine line between pulling between a very tired and hackneyed concept, and then doing it well. Gundam AGE: it’s an HOMAGE to past Gundams rather than a rip off. We praise it for being a GOOD rip off, rather than lambast it for being a crappy rip off (looking at you SEED).

    Loved the fight scenes and his berserker charge in the Titus. Seems Dozle Zabi and his Big Zam… er, I mean Yark Dole and his… chicken walker thing will be Flit’s final boss. Bet you the shirt off my back that poor Lagran bites the dust next week, just like Sleggar Law. We can hope that any revelations about the UE are mildly surprising. Bring on AGE 2 and it’s hideous Waverider mode!

    • Seriously? You’re looking for originality in mecha anime? In a Gundam show of all things?

      I don’t watch Gundam for new things.

      I watch New Gundam things.

      I watch New Gundam shows for the same Gundam goodness; updated here and there, but otherwise just a rearrangement of the furniture. Does this mean I won’t enjoy another Turn A-like show? I most definitely would, but that’s not what I’ll ask for. I want Zeta side stories, or an adaptation of Ecole du Ciel. I watch new Gundam shows for the Gundamness of it.

      • Reid says:

        Dude, if Largan dies (which he WON’T because X–> THIS! <–X) then I may do a temporary rage quit…until the next week's episode. He is so much me that I can't deal with it. No anime character has ever been so much…me, even as un-fleshed out as his character is at this point. He is literally exactly like what my self-insert fanfic character would be like – it's really scary.

        • sadakups says:

          Dude, Largan got wounded more than once. That’s already a sign of worse things to come for him.

          Seriously though, if he’s gonna die, I hope the writers make it epic.

      • Matt Wells says:

        I watch Gundam everytime expecting to see another G Gundam. Needless to say I am frequently disapointed. AGE is just fine though.

      • Charnobyl says:

        Well certainly I have diffrent “gundamness” standard here.
        -A conflict between at least 3 factions
        -A technological difference between factions, gundams portrayed as the most advanced at that time (maybe with some spice of stealing that technology)
        -Certainly I watch gundam for Science Fiction, not super robot thing.
        -Biased view between protagonist x antagonist (not as clear as “good guy vs bad guy”), they just have different point of view
        -Realistic use of resource, major damage to special unit per episode is too much, and it takes time to repairing units.
        -Specialist unit for tactical battle, all rounder is trash IMO

        Well new thing in gundam is fine for me as long as it’s still less super robot style…and certainly if I want to watch super robot I’d better watch TTGL.

        • First Gundam is very super robot. Newtypes are a fundamental element of Gundam, and make for fuzzy science fiction. You’ll have to go outside of Gundam to get what you want.

          • Charnobyl says:

            First super robot need no limited fuel, just your blazing emotion and anything broken means nothing as long as the pilot willingli to fight.

  18. Andaer says:

    This was almost as good as the script you created in one of the earlier post. Good stuff!

  19. Suiman says:

    Vengeful anger aside, I liked how Flint did not kill Desil. Flint really wanted to stab the kid. But Desil successfully pleaded his “defense of infancy”. Of course, instead of letting the cry-baby go, Flint could have captured him instead. Though it does give Desil a chance to grow up as a villain. Thus giving him a fiery painful death that HE FUCKING DESERVES, more “acceptable”. It also teaches kids that killing cheating playmates is wrong.

    Lastly, Yurin’s death was so “good”. No blood, no wounds, no physical damage was seen on her forever young face. We don’t even see her body go BOOM, just her mech. But the sudden shattering of her helmet was so morbid.

    Goodbye Yurin. I hope Asemu’s loli mistress will be just as hot. Team Emily WINS!

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