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The Fantasy of Light & Fluffy: K-On! In Contrast With Gundam (& Cowboy Bebop) [No Spoilers]

I usually go for the kind of fantasy where the problems that afflict the world are inauthentically complex, like war. I say the complexity isn’t authentic because the resolution is often clean: peace, love, and song are the magic stuff; … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing I Can Do For a Dead Woman, Cowboy Bebop 25-26 “The Real Folk Blues”

[Cowboy Bebop 24 “Hard Luck Woman”] Let’s start with the women, and by now it’s just women because Ed left the stage in the previous session. I always enjoyed the narrative contrivance that let Faye run into Julia first. Faye … Continue reading

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Hard Luck Man: Cowboy Bebop 24 “Hard Luck Woman”

[Cowboy Bebop 23 “Brain Scratch”] In  some ways, I think this episode is the finale and “The Real Folk Blues” two-parter is but a denouement. At the very least, the idea of “Cowboys on the Bebop” ends here. This is … Continue reading

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Why Cowboy Bebop ep 23 “Brain Scratch” is Superior to Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

[Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door] Commentators say that the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door film is an extended session of the TV series. The claim is truest after watching “Brain Scratch”. It is the spiritual partner episode to … Continue reading

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Knockin’ a Lot Harder: 3 Viewings of Cowboy Bebop “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”

[Cowboy Bebop 22 “Cowboy Funk”] What was this movie for? I can imagine a number of purposes and all of them would be true to some degree. It was to capitalize on the popularity of the series, perhaps particularly in … Continue reading

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