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Laughter, RAGE, & Tears for the G0dd4mn3d AKB0048 Finale

[AKB0048 Episode 12] This show surprised me a fair bit on its way to this end, and most of the time the surprises were good. This finale however is a mixed bag of awesomeness and awfulness with little in between. … Continue reading

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The Fantasy of Light & Fluffy: K-On! In Contrast With Gundam (& Cowboy Bebop) [No Spoilers]

I usually go for the kind of fantasy where the problems that afflict the world are inauthentically complex, like war. I say the complexity isn’t authentic because the resolution is often clean: peace, love, and song are the magic stuff; … Continue reading

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The Impracticality of Ace Pilots Vs. The Alien Apocalypse: Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 03

[Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 02] First of  all let me make it clear that I loved this episode. I’ve been asking for a show that’s similar to Macross Plus and Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, particularly in … Continue reading

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COME AT ME BROS: Nominations For The 2nd Annual Sai Mecha Tournament

Sai Mecha 2012 nominations are now being accepted, and there are new and exciting rules to keep the competition awesome. Send an email of your 10 mecha nominations to executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com, but by all means post your … Continue reading

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A Benevolent Spiral: How Media Prepares Me to Appreciate Anime, No Matter Unrelated; and Yeah, ZETMAN.

The last thing I want to suggest is that there is some kind of “required viewing” in order to appreciate particular anime, perhaps the notable classics. No, I don’t believe such exist as necessary requirements. I do believe however, that … Continue reading

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