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Definitions of War: How Does a War Become ‘Total’? Macross Frontier 14

This episode had everything. Death flags, naked Ranka, Sheryl piloting a VF, Skull pilots shot down, shit got real for Macross Frontier citizens, dramatic rescue, an armored VF-25F, alien armadas, DIAMOND FORCE, and NUUUUUKES! Needless to say, I enjoyed this … Continue reading

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Gundam Villains And Sexual Deviancy (Do They Go Hand In Hand?)

The top right corner features the image in question that has sparked some pretty interesting discussion A lot of people have expressed surprise and even shock at this picture of Alejandro and Ribbons hugging that has been inserted into the special … Continue reading

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A Meditation on Robots, not mecha, ROBOTS!

[This post will have many references, and no spoilers]. I’ve taken time to pause from my obsession with mecha anime typology (super robot vs. real robot) to consider robots in anime… the non-galactic-busting, turn you into a God or a … Continue reading

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Keeping it Real Robot

While watching FLAG, something really impressed me. Immediately after a particular mission,  the mecha pilots are given medical attention. A team of medical staff attend to the combat team, even when they didn’t sustain any injury — from enemy fire … Continue reading

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Mai Waifu, SHE IS GAR

She agreed to watch Armored Trooper VOTOMS with me. I’ve been meaning to see this show for some time, given it’s reputation as a dark, gritty-as-hell, /m/anly plate of GAR. Yeah sybilant is a Ouran High School Host Club-loving girl … Continue reading

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