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Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (The Top Ten)

[Ranks 30-21] [Ranks 20-11] It takes a view of the whole list to characterize myself as a fan of anime. An observant reader pointed out that ranks 27-17 is an uninterrupted streak of robot anime. The relative absence of which … Continue reading

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World Building as Plot: Madoka Magica Finale (Spoilers)

If I were a fan of Magic Girl shows, little girls showing their underwear ever so teasingly (and getting naked if only during the OP), SHAFT, Shinbo and/or Urobochi, then I’d probably think Magic Girl Madoka Magica is a stunning … Continue reading

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A Fanboy’s First Impression of Super Robot Wars Z 2.1

The latest title in the established Super Robot Wars franchise is finally here! I’ve played dozens of games in the series and I can honestly say that I like all of them, at least to some degree. I’ve had my … Continue reading

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Mazinkaiser SKL 03: The LAST WORD on Super Robot Violence

This short OVA is complete. It’s legacy is to accomplish what the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movies failed to do: to deliver the best robot battles involving super robots. To be fair, Lagann-Hen had nowhere to go but bigger and … Continue reading

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Anime is Culture, Culture is Love: What the Prophet Might Say About Watching Anime

In this post I talk about spoilers, and how important they are to my survival as an anime fan. A few days ago, ghostlightning went totally out of character and started saying weird things over twitter: ghostlightning gives up love … Continue reading

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